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Sarah R.

As a wedding present to my brother and future sister in law, I wanted a slideshow put together of pictures from their childhoods up through current times of them together. I basically just gave all my pictures and music that I wanted played during the video to Dave, and he created exactly what I imagined and more. He took the time to get to know the story, added great effects, and even gave me copies of CDs with the scanned pictures for future use. I reviewed drafts of the video on you-tube, so  I could easily add input as it was being put together.

Irene M.

Everyone I showed the video to thus far sheds a few tears, and I know it is something my brother and sister-in-law will treasure forever. I will def go back to Multimedia Memoirs for all future videos I want created.

Frank S.

I hired Dave to create a video slideshow/picture montage for our wedding. I spent weeks looking for someone to help me and I'm so glad I found Multimedia Memoirs!!!  Dave is great to work with and he produced exactly what we were looking for. I gave Dave a mix of print, digital, and short video clips as well a few song requests for the video. Everyone LOVED the end product and it was something our guests talked about for the rest of the weekend.

Dave works quickly - I think we had the final product within about a week - and we only met in person once - everything else was done online and/or over the phone.  Oh - and he definitely worked some magic with a few of our print photos - I'm not sure how he did it, but Dave increased the quality of many of the pictures significantly. If I had reason to, I'd definitely use Multimedia Memoirs again.

Robert F.

The video Multimedia Memoirs produced for my daughter's wedding had our family in tears. (But i am one of those crying father's so that doesnt say much).  But to see those pix and videos of my daughter growing up through the years, set to music and cool effects, i was blown away.  My wife and i are not too tech-savvy so we hired Dave (the owner) to do it for us. We found him on Yelp and the positive reviews don't lie.

What's nice is that you get a very intimate service since it is just one guy running it, you can meet and call and talk and give lots of feedback, and since it's his business, he really cares and it comes through in his work.

Elliott T

I have used Multimedia Memoirs on two occasions and both times, they have really come through with impressive results.

First time was for my niece's wedding.  I took some of her old pictures, plus her fiance's (now husband) childhood photos and made a life story of their lives together.  And at the end we put photos together of them as a couple. It was amazing to show at the wedding and rehearsal dinner.  Dave, the Creative Director, worked with me very closely choosing music, putting special effects, captions and even did some editing and touching up on the photos.  He even sent me a few prototypes to make sure I got it exactly what i wanted.

We also did a memorial video for my great aunt's funeral who passed away recently.  Although a different style and format, they did a great job and everyone was very touched by the video that celebrated her incredible life.

Will definitely use them again and recommend them to others here on Yelp as well as friends and family.

Carrie L.

My son ordered a Life Tribute/Digital Story video for me from Multimedia Memoirs and it was truly a life changing experience.  They worked with both of us very closely, very patiently and with much creativity and instruction all throughout the process. And the final product was beyond my expectations. I have shared it with family, friends, and other groups i am part of and everyone was so impressed.

I want to thank Multimedia Memoirs on behalf of my son and me for all the great work they did to help me tell my personal story through words, pictures, music and more.

Highly recommended for all types of videos and photo montages you want to create.

Barbara J.

I hired Multimedia Memoirs to create a video montage to commemorate my mother's 50th birthday, and it was the BEST money that I've ever spent on a birthday gift!!!!   Dave is easy to work with and his work is creative, timely, and everybody loves it!!!

I highly recommend Multimedia Memoirs if you want to give a gift that's unique, fun, and will last forever.