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Digital Legacy

Digital Legacy

What’s a Digital Legacy?

A Digital Legacy makes you the director, writer, creator and star of your own video montage. We work with you one–on-one to help you create your very own piece.  You take your pictures, video, your words and any “found” video and photos and make a multimedia masterpiece!

Creating a Digital Legacy involves learning multimedia software such as a sound and audio editor, video editing tools and more.  We also help you write your story as necessary. We work with you privately to get this done expertly and efficiently.

Many people create Digital Legacies as tributes to family members, some for fiction storytelling, some for travelogues, others for poetry. The list is UNLIMITED.

We are expert Digital Storytelling experts, so we can not only do the job, but we can show you how to do it on your own so you can create one again and again!